Grammar Checks – The Practice I Have In Article Writing

By Belle Wigton, May 23, 2012


Writers write numerous compositions because they would like to give readers a certain message, and most of the time, readers cans see these message once they read it. Well not unless they’ve to use metaphors simply to hide the real message. Even so, the fact still remains that readers will absolutely fully grasp the message of the writer, if they can find it. However the message will never be understood if the grammar usage of the article isn’t that good. As a writer, what must be the thing that I should do? What I really have to do is to perform grammar checks on every single work I have completed.¬†would say that such thing ought to be done.


Other writers have their own reasons why they want to do grammar checks, but for me, one reason will sum it all. Writing is my only source of income, which is the reason why performing grammar checks is of intense importance to me. I want to find out to it that my customers are satisfied and happy when it comes to the work I have submitted to them. Furthermore, this may lead to a lot more serious problems if the work is badly made. It could be really lucky for me if I get off with rewriting the article. Customers might consider pulling all their work contracts with me if they’re not happy with my work, and such thing is considered the worst thing which could happen. Any withdrawn contract or canceled service will only put a taint the reputation that I have already been trying to build. For that reason, if I complete a composition I then have to check if its grammar is right or not.


Grammar checks could be done in many ways, but¬†says that the ideal one would be proofreading. Any mistake would be visible when one proofreads the written work. Any errors can be spotted and corrected conveniently, be it spelling or grammar mistakes. In, it’s said that the ways in how a writer can perform proofreading on their work is many. The most common one is to make self checks or self proofreading on the work. There are some who chose to let expert proofreaders do the job. Not all writers that do not perform self checks hire experts, because they sometimes ask family, buddies and workmates to do it. All these proofreading practices are of big assist to me, especially since the articles I need to make are numerous.


I have numerous customers, and admitting this may make me sound like I’m boasting. I write different contents for various websites and customers like ordinary and informative articles to reviews and blog posts. This is all as a result of the good service I offer to my clients. And when clients read the articles I have published to them, they would say that it is grammar are incredible. I admit, my English grammar is far from perfect. The sole reason for this is that English is just a language that I have adapted, and I’m not born with it. The sole good reason why they say that is the fact that I do grammar checks. Whenever I do checks, I do it a lot more than once. As I have read in, grammar checks must be performed as several as possible, until writers are happy with the work.

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